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EIT Food West

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What we do

EIT Food West wants to revolutionize the current food sector into a healthy, sustainable and transparent system.

We are all connected to the food we eat. We believe that together we can bring about a change: with everyone who loves food and drink, with the large companies that offer food products, with the chefs that cook our meals, with startups who have innovative ideas, with the knowledge of universities, and with the local farmers who produce our food.

We bring all these parties together, and by organising workshops, events, and social media campaigns we inspire you to join us in creating a healthy, sustainable and transparent food sector. Come find us soon!

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EIT Food West

Ubicenter A Philipssite 5 /33
Heverlee (Leuven) 3001

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Innovative market platforms, like Get Wasted and Circado, aim to solve food waste by giving food surpluses, residual flows and waste streams a market value.
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The city of Ostend, together with the support of EIT Food, harnesses the power of circular product innovation through a social lens.
Supermarkets and consumers collaborate to make sustainable consumption easy.

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Meet the EIT Food West team


    Dr. Martine van Veelen

    Director EIT Food West

    Kristel Rondou-Vanden Heuvel

    Office Manager
    Ilario 1

    Ilario Ingravallo

    Programme Manager Innovation
    Tommaso 1

    Tommaso Emiliani

    Programme Manager Education

    Catherine Breyssens

    Programme Manager Business Creation
    Yana Profile Pic

    Yana Pannecoucke

    Brand Communications & Special Project Coordinator
    IMG 1388

    Katrien Verbeke

    Business Developer Urban Citizen Lab
    Retratos EIT 012

    Laura Ezcurra

    Partnership Support Manager