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Cardiff Metropolitan University

Competences & Capabilities

  • Collaborative Research (e.g. healthcare/consumer groups (including at risk groups), food safety culture and food handling behaviour)
  • Organoleptic evaluation
  • Secure accreditations and certification
  • Food Safety Management
  • Product Development
  • Efficiency improvement and waste reduction
  • Factory Design
  • Ozone preservation and decontamination
  • Commercial marketing and sales support
  • Food legislation/regulatory labelling support
  • Education and Skills development


    The FIW centres are situated in further and higher education institutions, Pan-Wales. Training, development and qualifications are delivered via classroom teaching onsite/offsite or via distance learning.

    Our international, Food Technology for Industry MSc is delivered through a blended learning mechanism. This established qualification considers the learning style of all types of students.

    FIW takes an active role in educating food science and technology undergraduates, postgraduates and FIW employees, with learnings direct from industry, via our unique innovative knowledge transfer programmes.


    FIW has developed and delivered unique food knowledge transfer programmes (e.g. KITE, HELIX), assisting hundreds of SMEs.

    FIW continuously develops new food products with industry (including start-ups), using gate analysis and reformulation techniques, essential progression for sectors' economic growth and job creation.

    Our eye tracking equipment enables applied user testing, product development and behavioural analysis research in our Perceptual Experience Lab (PEL).

    Our Ozone chamber is unique in size and our experienced scientists conduct trials on preservation, decontamination and shelf-life extension.

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