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Public Insights and Engagement

Here at EIT Food, we define Public Engagement as “a set of diverse activities that foster a two-way dialogue between specialists and the public”.

As an organisation, we have always prioritised the active and important role consumers play in the change we seek.

Our Public Insights and Engagement Team supports EIT Food’s mission-led approach by:

  • Enabling and empowering consumers to make better choices
  • Influencing food systems transformation policy and business practises through access to consumer insight
  • Changing public discourse around food and sustainability, and championing a mindset of transparent and science-based information

Together, we can transform the future of our food.

What We Know

Our Public Engagement Goals

Our Flagship Programmes

Europe’s leading hub for consumer insights on agrifood topics. We bring together research and consumer insights from across the food system. We curate and produce bespoke research, up-to-date analysis and unique insights from the agrifood…


2018 > 2024
A global multimedia platform helping to tackle the sustainability challenges in our food systems by bringing people closer to their food.  We reach diverse audiences through documentaries, podcasts, online articles, social media and events…


2022 > 2023
The one-stop shop for food education and agrifood careers resources. We provide tried and tested food education learning materials to teachers and schools across Europe. Working with students aged 9-18 years, we create awareness of…

Supporting Programmes

We also provide funding for innovative public engagement project ideas with the potential for societal impact. If the Proof of Concept is deemed to have societal potential, they can submit a full project proposal for continuation.

Proofs of concepts help to determine whether an idea, a specific concept or approach when turned into reality would bring societal impact as envisioned.
Proofs of concepts help to determine whether an idea, a specific concept or approach when turned into reality would bring societal impact as envisioned.


2021 > 2024
InformPack explores the cross-cultural variations amongst consumers in terms of awareness, information gaps, issues and attitudes towards food packaging upon purchase and disposal patterns at home and on the go.
Supermarkets and consumers collaborate to make sustainable consumption easy.

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Sofia Kuhn

Director of Public Engagement

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Fabienne Ruault

FoodEducatorts Project Lead

Marta Erquicia
Marta Erquicia

Public Engagement Programme Manager

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EIT Food is seeking for oneconsortia to implement capacity building activities about food systems for RIS Inspire programmes, which are designed with an overarching Entrepreneurship Core and with technical skills about Food Systems, to run…
EIT Food is looking for organisations to organise the EIT Food Startup Awareness Event for the local agrifood ecosystem in August-November 2024.
open call
Through this call, we are looking for companies that will deliver testing of R&D services successfully developed by scientific organisations within the InfraBooster programme.