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Public engagement and co-creation for a more sustainable European food-packaging ecosystem.


InformPack explores the cross-cultural variations among consumers in terms of awareness, information gaps, issues and attitudes towards food packaging as related to product choice upon purchase and disposal patterns at home and on the go. We use these findings to create actions, tools, and strategies that can influence public behaviour and future solutions. With this, we hope to support a transition to a more sustainable European food-packaging ecosystem.

These include:
(i) To build country-based, tailored consumer-centric engagement activities and incentive strategies based on facts and science provided by packaging experts, and

(ii)To use co-creation to generate insights that can be leveraged for targeted innovative actions in food packaging, reflecting issues, public demands, and industry needs in each country.

Having explored Greece (GR) and the United Kingdom (UK) during the Proof of Concept period in 2021, During 2022, the project targeted Spain (ES) and Poland (PL).

InformPack is one of the two successful Proof-of-Concept public engagement projects that received funding from EIT FOOD and is running for the period 2022-2024.

Our Approach

The InformPack project explores and addresses questions contemporary consumers have around sustainable behaviour. To do so, we co-create and disseminate content according to the needs of our target groups, aimed to engage users and impact their behaviour by enabling a shift toward more sustainable consumption choices and food packaging disposal cultures.

Surveys and Resources

We want to understand consumers’ food packaging-related behaviour and knowledge. With your help, we can co-create new materials to support sustainable actions in our communities.

Upcoming Events

Activities taking place around Europe from 2021 to 2024.

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Our Partners

Seven institutes from 5 different European countries are participating in the project.

Project lead

Niki Alexi
Niki Alexi

Activity Lead of InformPack, EIT Food public engagement project, Department of Food Science - Aarhus University

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