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Our approach

Using co-creation as a vehicle to generate insights that can be leveraged for targeted innovative actions in the area of food packaging, reflecting issues, public demands, and industry needs in each country.

InformPack adopts a cross-cultural approach while considering country variations related to food packagings across Europe, such as the available product and corresponding packaging market choices; emerging public issues related to food packaging; available systems and preferred public communication means and formats.

We listen to peoples’ concerns and questions:

Consumers tell us their beliefs, attitudes, and issues around packaging choices and disposal, so we can co-create with them, the themes and dissemination formats of the campaigns.

We provide knowledge

Based on facts and science to answer peoples’ concerns and questions.

To develop InformPack’s knowledge universe, we approached experts in the three main areas of knowledge; academia, companies and public organizations.

Do you have questions?

Learn to trust

Engage people in dialogue and co-creation.

The consumer-centric engagement activities and incentive strategies employed to engage and communicate with the public were custom-made according to their needs, attitudes and issues, both in terms of content and format. We keep it targeted, we keep it short, we keep it simple.

Mobilise people into active change agents

The six campaigns were designed and tested to evaluate the societal impact and success of the cross-cultural approach.