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Healthier Lives Through Food

We will make a material difference to quality of life by enabling more consumers to have better choices through access to affordable, healthier food products and actionable information.

Nutritious, diverse food choices can benefit people and planet.

Yet healthy food choices are not accessible to all consumers, nor viable for industry at scale due to affordability, lack of awareness and profitability.

Working as a community, EIT Food aims to increase the uptake of balanced, sustainable and healthy diets.
We raise awareness about the relationship between nutrition and health. We provide support for innovative solutions for affordable products. And we offer policy interventions that prioritise soil health, nutrition and food education.

EIT Food's Healthier Lives Through Food mission framework is based on three targets where the EIT Food community can have the most impact, and in the areas of greatest need. These are:

  • Improving product choice and supply for a balanced diet for people and planet
  • Diversifying protein choices for food products
  • Optimising the nutrient density of food.

This is reflected in our community building and advocacy activities and underpins the design of our funding and partnership opportunities.

Deep dive into our research on creating healthier lives, and the actions we recommend

Real progress to prevent diet-related non-communicable diseases (NCDs) needs radical food systems transformation so that nutritious, safe, affordable, and sustainable diets are available to all people. This also needs to be associated with the importance of exercise.

Addressing diet-related NCDs can only be achieved through dietary behaviour change, which requires a variety of stakeholders working hand in hand to set priorities for NCDs to be tackled and action points to be addressed.

Above all it requires the engagement of all populations, including disadvantaged groups who may lack the financial resources, time and/or knowledge to make major lifestyle changes.

Key findings

NCDs to prioritise

Have an idea that will improve the food system?

Want to get involved with our community? We regularly bring people together to help us all reach for our shared goals – and we’ve launched a competitive, open Impact Funding Framework to promote and fund ambitious, long-term collaboration that will lead to food systems change to benefit us all.

Healthier Lives Through Food insight report

EIT Food has published a Healthier Lives Through Food Insight report, co-designed and authored by a community of experts and organisations committed to driving change in this Mission area.

This report describes the agrifood systems change we all need to see to improve health outcomes from our diets. The transformation needed is more action than any one organisation is capable of by itself.

Download the report

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How EIT Food is creating Healthier Lives Through Food

open call
The selected consultant will design and roll out, with external suppliers, a leadership development program for the leaders and people manager of our organisation.
Boost your skills, drive change and do business in the agrifood sector!
What is the EIT's HEI Initiative? The EIT's HEI Initiative helps higher education institutions build the capacity to teach innovation and entrepreneurship.
EIT Food presents GROW, a project that gives farmers an active voice and makes them leaders in shaping a sustainable and resilient food system.

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The EIT Food Consumer Observatory regularly develops research reports and studies on consumer perceptions on food. Explore the reports below.
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