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Reducing Risk for a Fair and Resilient Food System

We’ll improve food security and safety for consumers everywhere by enabling and establishing resilient and dependable digitally enabled food supply chains.

The current food system is vulnerable to external shocks, putting stakeholders across the entire value chain at risk.

To reduce this risk and increase food security and safety for consumers everywhere, at all times, we must collaborate to enable fairer, more resilient and transparent food supply chains that are rooted in innovation and equitable business models.

EIT Food's Reducing Risk for a Fair and Resilient Food System mission framework is based on three targets where the EIT Food community can have the most impact, and in the areas of greatest need. These are:

  • Improving sustainable and resilient food production practices
  • Improving urban integration of shorter supply chains
  • Investing in the growth of fair and resilient business models supporting food security.

This is reflected in our community building and advocacy activities and underpins the design of our funding and partnership opportunities.

Deep dive into our research on reducing risk, and the actions we recommend

In order to create a fairer and more resilient food system, radical food systems transformation is required to ensure risk is alleviated from all points of the food value chain and food security is prioritised across all activity.

To achieve this, key enablers of change include the digitalisation of consumer communication and labelling to build trust as well as the development of food insecurity indicators and framework.

Key findings


Enablers for change

Have an idea that will improve the food system?

Want to get involved with our community? We regularly bring people together to help us all reach for our shared goals – and we’ve launched a competitive, open Impact Funding Framework to promote and fund ambitious, long-term collaboration that will lead to food systems change to benefit us all.

Reducing Risk for a Fair and Resilient Food System insight report

EIT Food has published a Reducing Risk for a Fair and Resilient Food System Insight report, co-designed and authored by a community of experts and organisations committed to driving change in this Mission area.

This report describes the agrifood systems change we all need to see to improve food security and increase food integrity. The transformation needed is more action than any one organisation is capable of by itself.

Download the report

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How EIT Food is Reducing Risk for a Fair and Resilient Food System

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