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Impact Funding Framework

If you’ve got an idea that will change food systems for the better, we want to fund it.

All EIT Food regions
Deadline: 01 September 2025

Help us create lasting and sustainable change in the food system.

We’ve launched a competitive, open Impact Funding Framework to promote ambitious, long-term collaboration that will lead to food systems change to benefit us all.

We want our co-investment to have a real impact. We're looking for proposals from consortia based around lead organisations who can work effectively, move quickly, and are supported by high-quality research, communications and impact assessment expertise.

The funding is focussed on two separate areas – larger-scale collaborative programmes, and innovative single projects.

All submission windows close at 12:00 CET (noon) on the published deadline date.

Next submission deadline is 11th July 2024, 12:00 CET.

Collaborative Missions Programme Funding

We want to co-fund and co-resource alliances and collaborative programmes designed to:

  • Improve the impact of diet on obesity and non-communicable disease
  • Reduce food-system-related environmental harms
  • Deal with the threats posed by food integrity and complex supply chains

As well as connecting key stakeholders, from companies and research organisations to social enterprises and regions, your programme should engage beneficiaries, whether people, business or organisations, with clearly defined impact needs.

For more detail on the impact targets and measures we need your help to reach, see our Funding for EIT Food Collaborative Missions Programmes document.

For technical guidance on your Collaborative Mission’s Programme application, see our Handbook for applicant’s using Salesforce document.

If you’re interested in this funding opportunity, we encourage you to make use of our Expression of Interest (EOI) form. You can share key information about your idea and how you can see your consortium working with EIT Food. This informal conversation starter should enable us to help you better connect across our community and teams as you shape your proposal.

Impact Funding Framework 2023-2025 Collaborative Missions Programmes FAQ

Is this funding open to any organisation?

Is there a minimum number of organisations and/or countries that need to form an applying consortium?

Is there a minimum and maximum funding amount available?

The Guidelines ask how a proposal would like to work with EIT Food. How should this be written into an application?

Does this funding framework apply to existing EIT Food infrastructure programme facilitators?

My organisation is an NGO, do I still need to provide 30% co-funding?

Can I use my own company’s resources towards the 30% co-funding?

I understand that you cannot use other Horizon Europe funding as part of the co-funding contribution. Does that mean you cannot fund programmes by consortia currently funded by EIT Food?

What is expected in terms of sharing success or commercial risk?

Now that the UK has associated to the Horizon Programme, does this apply to EIT funding?

If my proposal is unsuccessful in the first submission window, am I able to resubmit?

Single Project Funding

We’re also looking for innovative solutions to some of the most urgent challenges in skills, innovation, business creation and public engagement. These projects should be fast-paced in terms of getting the solutions where they’re needed most.

We’ve identified three priority areas where we feel we can best deliver long-term impact:

  • Protein Diversification: Bringing protein diversification to the mainstream
  • Regenerative Agriculture: Enabling farmers to lead the transition to Net Zero
  • Labelling, Packaging & Transparency: Empowering people in their food choices

For more detail on the solutions we want to help bring about, see our EIT Food Single Project Co-Funding Opportunity document.

For technical guidance on your Single Project Funding application, see our Handbook for applicant’s using PLAZA document.

Whether commercial project or not-for-profit intervention, the focus should be on delivering real-world benefit through innovation, education and entrepreneurship. You’ll also need wider customer/citizen/public engagement to show how you’ll deliver economic and/or social value to where it’s most needed.

If you are a first-time applicant, please register in Plaza first. We will validate your registration, and you'll receive an email to begin your application.

If you are already registered in Plaza, use this link to apply now!

Impact Funding Framework 2023-2025 Single Projects FAQ

Is this funding open to any organisation?

Is there a minimum number of organisations and/or countries that need to form an applying consortium?

Is there a minimum and maximum funding amount available?

My organisation is an NGO, do I still need to provide 30% co-funding?

What is the difference between a ‘commercial’ project and a ‘not-for-profit’ project?

Will you fund Proof of Concept projects?

If my proposal is unsuccessful in the first submission window am I able to resubmit?

How can I get involved?

The first step to getting involved is getting in touch.

The easiest way is to contact your nearest regional office and introduce yourself to our teams.

To support you in building consortia and applying, we've also set up a dedicated space on FoodHIVE - EIT Food's online community platform.

We often run networking events and online consortium-building briefings. You’re welcome to join these and doing so will help us guide you through the application process.

Remember, we’re here to help bring your best ideas to life, with support, guidance and funding.

Because together, we can build a strong food system that’s better for everyone.


  1. 14th September 2023

    Call open

  2. 16th November 2023

    1st Submission Deadline

  3. 14th March 2024

    2nd Submission Deadline

  4. 11th July 2024

    3rd Submission Deadline

  5. 14th November 2024

    4th Submission Deadline

  6. 13th March 2025

    5th Submission Deadline

  7. 10th July 2025

    6th Submission Deadline

  8. 13th November 2025

    7th Submission Deadline

  9. Up to 6 weeks post submission deadline


  10. 7 weeks post submission deadline

    Preliminary communication to selected projects

  11. 11 weeks post submission deadline

    Project Grant Award letters sent and contracting begins

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Important Documents

Download all Impact Funding Framework documents below:

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