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EIT Food’s Missions

EIT Food operates through a Mission-led approach, which puts improving outcomes for people and planet at the starting point for our work.

Healthier Lives Through Food

We will make a material difference to quality of life by enabling more consumers to have better choices through access to affordable, healthier food products and actionable information.

Net Zero Food System

We will enable the transition to a net zero food system, measuring and quantifying the change through reduced CO2 equivalent emissions.

Reducing Risk for a Fair and Resilient Food System

We’ll improve food security and safety for consumers everywhere by enabling and establishing resilient and dependable digitally enabled food supply chains.

Why a Missions-led approach?

EIT Food is a community that has come together to respond to the biggest issues in the food system affecting our lives. A Mission-led approach focuses our efforts on improving outcomes for people and planet.

We prioritise our investments, funding, advocacy, and interventions to make a real, tangible difference. Missions help us form those priorities to put a better shape and direction to solving issues such as the contribution of diet to obesity and Non-Communicable Disease, environmental harms associated with the food system and the threats to us all around food integrity and complex supply chains.

Our community are pivotal to shaping the goals and direction of our Missions – why not join us and help shape the future of the food system?

Have an idea that will improve the food system?

Want to get involved with our community? We regularly bring people together to help us all reach for our shared goals – and we’ve launched a competitive, open Impact Funding Framework to promote and fund ambitious, long-term collaboration that will lead to food systems change to benefit us all.