EIT Food

EIT Food is a European Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC), part of the EIT, which was set up to transform our food ecosystem. By connecting consumers with businesses, start-ups, researchers and students from around Europe, EIT Food supports innovative and economically sustainable initiatives which improve our health, our access to quality food, and our environment.

More about us

EIT Food connects businesses, research centres, universities and consumers.

Find out more about what EIT Food can do for you:

  • Professionals & Entrepreneurs

    Grow your business by meeting exceptional talents from different sectors and generating new market opportunities. Whether you want to start a new venture, improve your competitiveness, or find out how to access support and finance.

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  • Researchers

    Get your ideas off the ground. Boost your research or bring your innovation to the market. Find opportunities to access support and finance.

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  • Students

    Unleash your innovation potential by combining your technical studies with entrepreneurial know-how in our unique set of programmes.

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  • For everyone

    Share your ideas with the food sector and co-create with us. Become an ambassador of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle - a true change agent.

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Some EIT Food activities

    • Students
    • Professionals
    • Researchers
    EIT Food Winter School

    During the EIT Food Entrepreneurship Winter School 30 students from many different study backgrounds and countries will come together to tackle the challenges Europe’s food system will face in the future.

    Over the course of 2 weeks, participants will be working in interdisciplinary teams, identifying problems, prototyping viable solutions with a validated value proposition and finally pitching their results in front of a panel of experts.
    The teams will start out in Germany at the Technical University of Munich for the first week, travel to the University of Cambridge together for the second week and also get the chance to receive further online coaching by the Queen’s University Belfast on how to take their start-up idea to reality.

    Ready to tackle the challenges of Europe’s future food system?
    Apply now to be part of this unique experience in November 2017!