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Net Zero Food System

We will enable the transition to a net zero food system, measuring and quantifying the change through reduced CO2 equivalent emissions.

The food system is responsible for almost a third of greenhouse gas emissions, with connected challenges such as food waste, resource depletion and energy consumption. To reach net zero and mitigate the impacts of the climate crisis, we must scale a systems approach to change that enables the transition to sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices, creates new markets and opportunities for food waste and loss reduction, and empowers all stakeholders to play an active role in the circular food economy.

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Reducing food waste and food loss must form part of strategies to achieve a more sustainable, fairer food system, where large-scale action is needed across the entire supply chain. Here we highlight the key solutions for reducing food…
open call
The purpose of this Call is to select an academic organization, or a group of organizations lead by an academic partner, who will provide a high-quality hands-on training programme to train agronomical advisors in regenerative agriculture…
Cultivated meat is not yet available in the European market, but recent developments suggest it could become a reality soon. Here we explore these emerging products and how they could change the way we produce and consume meat forever.

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We are glad to present you the first edition of CERES Awards by EIT Food South, which will be celebrated in the frame of the V FUN&FAN event on October 9th, in Bilbao (Spain). Apply until August 25th!
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In this blog, we visit a livestock and arable farm in Shropshire, UK, to learn about a career in farming.
regional blog
In this blog, we deep-dive into a career as a mechanical engineer working in the precision fishing industry.

How can we solve water scarcity?

July 24, 2023 - New Food
in the media
As droughts become more frequent, EIT Food’s CEO Andy Zynga uses his second column to examine the possible ways we can respond to water scarcity through food innovation.
in the media
When it comes to sustainable ingredients, there’s been a growing conversation around algae and how it could help to feed an increasing population healthily and sustainably. Large-scale cultivation of algae has happened for a while now in…
in the media
As the demand for seafood foods rises, the need for sustainable practices becomes ever-more pressing. In the first of a new series, EIT Food’s CEO Dr Andy Zynga, emphases the urgent call for sustainable aquaculture – and what exactly that…
in the media
EIT Food, the world’s largest food innovation community, recently announced the results of its Marketed Innovation Prize, designed to reward innovative food organisations that have successfully brought products or services to market.
Fish is a primary source of protein and essential nutrients, and there is a growing recognition of its nutritional and health-promoting qualities.

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