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Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS)


SAMS science focuses on three major areas:

  1. Discovering the physical, chemical, geological and biological processes that drive the marine system
  2. Describing how our coastal environment, where more than half the human population resides, responds to ever-increasing human pressures
  3. Developing a sustainable blue economy so that we can use the marine environment for the benefit of people without degrading its health and productivity


  • expertise in aquaculture (fisheries, farming, algae, governance and innovation)
  • cultivation of microalgae
  • algal biotechnology
  • genomic and metabolomic analysis of micro and macroalgae
  • large seaweed farm and hatchery
  • culture collection of algae and protozoa (one of the largest in the world)
  • aquarium
  • research vessels
  • marine robotics
  • public outreach
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Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS)

Dunbeg Oban -
Argyll PA37 1QA
The United Kingdom
Bury, HLB Mrs (Helen)

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