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We are attracting, developing and empowering bright minds to lead the transformation of the food system into an innovative sector that produces healthy and sustainable food, and is trusted by society.

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Discover our accredited courses and training programmes. Whether you’re looking to level-up your own skillset or develop your workforce. Assess your skills and those of your team’s and get tailored course recommendations.
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Our assessment tool analyses your skills. You receive personalised suggestions based on your expertise and track record.

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Work with us in creating the latest innovative courses for the brightest minds and help us create a positive impact on the food sector.

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We strive to promote social change, drive economic growth and nurture a highly qualified workforce.

Our Education Programmes align with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and EU Strategies.

EIT Food Education – Learning Services : setting new Professional Standards for Professional Education

EIT Food Learning Services is a globally recognized standard for professional education, focusing on competency-based learning for the food system. We aim to develop innovators capable of making tangible impacts across Europe and beyond, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge for a sustainable food system. Our programmes emphasize affordability, fairness, and equity in food production.

EIT Food Education Learning Services are underpinned by our proprietary Competency Framework, offering clear pathways for professional development.

Employers can use to identify skills gaps in their workforce and select high-quality learning materials for career advancement.

By setting this standard, we empower learners to articulate their skills and knowledge, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the agrifood sector.

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education project
Develop in-depth knowledge about food systems through studying consecutively at three distinct European academic institutions and use your knowledge to drive the future transformation of the food system.
education project
For PhDs who want to unlock their entrepreneurial potential and shape the future of our Food System
education project
Boost your skills, drive change and do business in the agrifood sector!

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