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Nutrition institute is a research organisation with public concession for research activity in the field of nutrition. In addition to research activities, our main missions include raising public awareness about the importance of nutrition in health protection. We also offer support to all stakeholders with improving the quality of foods. We are collaborating with national and other research organisations, as well as with professional associations and the food industry.

Competences& Capabilities

Main areas of research specialization:

  • food supply and food quality research
  • observational dietary studies
  • randomised controlled intervention studies with food (constituents), including food supplements
  • consumer research

Communication and dissemination activities

  • Slovenian national nutrition portal (
  • social media (FB page, Instagram, …)
  • mailing lists: media, food industry,..
  • scientific publications, events, press conferences
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Nutrition Institute Ljubljana (NUTRIS)

Institut za nutricionistiko Trzaska cesta 40
Ljubljana SI-1000

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