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Food Bank in Olsztyn (FBO) is a non-profit organisation, member of the Federation of Polish Food Banks. The mission of the FBO is to prevent food waste and to reduce the extent of malnutrition in Province of Warmia and Mazury in Poland through its actions and projects. FBO's main purpose is to organise a complete system of free sourcing, collection and distribution of free food. The operating expenses are paid from grants, donations and contributions. Since its creation in 2000, FBO systematically distributes help to approximately 250 organisations and institutions. In 2018 our help came to 55 000 people.

Principles of operation:

  • The principle of non-profit - achieved through the acquisition of food and its distribution;
  • The principle of targeting food to the needy through charitable organizations dealing directly meals for;
  • Creating links between organisations, institutions and individuals, with the principle of political neutrality and ideological diversity.

Food Bank is responsible for:

  • Searching for: food produced in excess; food, which is non-commercial; food in damaged packaging and short-term durability;
  • Accumulation of food reserves and their rational, rapid distribution;
  • Promote anti-food waste or disposal behaviours;
  • Education on proper nutrition and social attitudes.

Competences & Capabilities

  • Significant experience and expertise in food waste, food security and nutrition-related challenges and solutions
  • Activities seeking to make the food system more resource-efficient, secure, transparent and trusted
  • Ways of processing food (reducing, reusing, recycling)
  • Food quality and food safety
  • Retail logistics and transport
  • Food and its environmental footprint
  • Food and health
  • Efficient and sustainable processes
  • Market research (trend watching, consumer needs and wants, motivational research, concept testing, product testing)
  • Data quality
  • Solutions oriented on consumer
  • Personalised food solutions (personalisation)
  • New ways of shopping (online / offline)
  • Cooking workshops promoting economy of shopping habits
  • Skill to build local, regional and national partnerships with government , NGO and Business
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Food Bank in Olsztyn

Food Banks in Olsztyn

ul. Marka Kotanskiego 1
Olsztyn 10-166
Aneta Janikowska-Kisluk, Project Manager

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