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FoodUnfolded® is an online platform designed to familiarise the public with food technology, building understanding through relevant topics like health, safety and sustainability.

The platform aims to engage with citizens through entertaining and educational content, and by connecting citizens with food experts from both academia and industry to accurately clarify misperceptions or questions. The ultimate goal is to increase trust in the European food chain through transparent dialogue.

About FoodUnfolded

FoodUnfolded is a global, digital platform that creates and shares its content on the latest food and agricultural innovations. We aim to connect with our audience through entertainment and education on the most relevant topics of today, including health, nutrition and sustainability.

Our content is driven by science and technology, collaborative initiatives, creative imagination and media experimentation.

We hope this platform becomes a virtual space that bridges misunderstandings and fosters a new relationship between the public, academia, experts and the food industry based on being honest and building trust.

Our working location is based in Belgium, but we work with people all over the world.

FoodUnfolded is powered by EIT Food, a European Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC), which receives funding from the European Commission body ‘EIT’. EIT Food was set up to transform our food ecosystem and it supports innovative and economically sustainable initiatives which improve our health, our access to quality food, and our environment.

Why FoodUnfolded?

Hey, what do you think of when you hear the word food? How about technology? Now what do you think of when you put them together: food technology?

Maybe you think the phrase sounds strange. The two separate concepts that initially popped into your mind seem to contrast one another. With food, you might think of fruit, vegetables, maybe your mother’s home cooking. With technology, you might think of your laptop or mobile, maybe even a robot.

So together, food technology might make food sound cold, inorganic, or fake.

But did you know that pasteurisation is considered a food technology? Or field plows and greenhouses? Or the process that freezes your fruits and vegetables for your next smoothie is also food tech?

Food and agricultural technologies are a part of our daily lives, whether you know it or not. Without food tech, the products we eat, where and how we eat definitely changes.

There are so many things that go behind making and eating food. At FoodUnfolded we’re unpacking these things one by one.

We share with you the latest and oldest food technologies. We’ll take you through how things are made, why certain processes are used, the pros and the cons, alternatives, how technology can make our food more sustainable, healthy and nutritious, and basically anything and everything about food tech.

We talk with farmers, experts, food producers and manufacturers to answer your curious questions. We don’t just want to hear from you, we want to have conversations to come up with new ideas for a more sustainable food system. We’re the future, so let’s make it better together.

So, as you browse through our content (and hopefully internally laugh along the way), unfold your mind, learn the whys and hows of food technologies, and take a peek into the future of food.

Oh, and don’t forget to let us know your honest thoughts and opinions.

FoodUnfolded Team

Sofia Kuhn Head of Public Engagement
Institution EIT Food


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