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Deep Planet aims to catalog, track and forecast the world's agricultural production. Our predictive crop analytic platform combines machine learning, satellite imagery, and agricultural data to help supply chain companies and farmers to make better decisions. We predict soil moisture, soil nitrogen, yield, crop/tree detection, organic/non-organic crop detection, deforestation, regeneration at 90+% accuracy. Supported by the University of Oxford and European Space Agency.

Competences & Capabilites

Main areas of specialisation and technological expertise are:

  • Computer vision and machine learning
  • Research and development of AI models with satellite imagery and agricultural production data
  • Soil moisture prediction at 90+% accuracy
  • Yield prediction at 90+% accuracy
  • Crop/Tree scouting at 90+% accuracy
  • Monitor multiple crops with target of 80 crops by 2020
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As part of the EIT Food RisingFoodStars programme, Deep Planet has partnered with EIT Food and Bernard Magrez to demonstrate the impacts of its AI climate adaptation solution for vineyards, VineSignal.