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Report on unmet needs of SME's in North-West Europe

Insights that represent the voices of thousands of agrifood SMEs in the UK, Ireland and Iceland reveal the unmet needs of SMEs and how the agrifood industry can maximise business support and impact.

05 Aug 2022
EIT Food West

About the report

The hub of EIT Food covering the UK, Ireland and Iceland gathered qualitative insights from 100 agrifood SMEs and support organisations that represent a large number of small businesses, to understand the unmet needs of SMEs.

In a challenging food sector, the results identify what support is needed to help businesses to scale and to innovate. SMEs from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Iceland often lack specialised SME business support, due to the particular challenges of developing innovative new products and services in the relatively niche agrifood sector.

The research took into consideration the similarities and the differences across the region, including between the devolved nations of the UK. The recommendations highlight how EIT Food can support and harness the different regional infrastructures and facilities to benefit the wider geographic region, addressing the need for business support, communication, and coordination.

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About EIT Food North-West

EIT Food North-West covers the UK, Ireland and Iceland. We work closely with a diverse network of partners including key industry players, agrifood startups, research centres and universities from our region. Together, and as part of the wider EIT Food Community, we are all working together to deliver an innovative and entrepreneurial food sector.

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