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Puratos   NV   is   a   global   leading   manufacturer   of   ingredients  for  bakery,  patisserie  and  chocolate.  The  vision  of  Puratos  is  built  around  taste  and  nutrition  and  a  strong  commitment  to  help  to  prepare  the  world for the next generation. This vision translates in products and solutions optimising nutritional profiles of  baked  goods,  bringing  more  grains  and  fruits  in  the  diet,  creating  transparency  in  the  supply  chain,  mobilising new sources of raw material and reducing food waste.

Competences & Capabilities

  • In-depth knowledge of consumer expectations and needs in the field of food and more specifically related to Baked good and chocolate.
  • Expertise on ingredients and technologies used in bakery patisserie and chocolate field.
  • State of the art pilot facilities technologies in bakery patisserie and chocolate field that can be activated in projects exploring market access for new ingredients or products with optimized nutritional profiles or health benefits.
  • Due to the global presence of Puratos: positioning new products and solution in a non-European context and to increase the potential for export outside of the European Union.
  • Sensorial analysis expertise and the Sensobus (mobile sensorial lab).
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