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EIT Food RIS Fellowships
EIT Food RIS Fellowships

EIT Food RIS Fellowships

The Action Line is divided into 2 complementary programmes – RIS Fellowships dedicated to Master of Science students and graduates and RIS Talents dedicated to Ph.D. students and postdocs from 28 EIT RIS countries which both aim to promote brain circulation, contributing to enhancing the innovativeness of personnel and development of scientific impact by supporting the creation and diffusion of high-quality new knowledge, skills, competences and solutions to food system challenges.

Develop your talent with top agri-food players during a paid internship in the EU!

Who are we looking for?

During the recruitment process, we will look for young passionate people from higher education upon the return to their homes EIT RIS countries, will spur a wave of entrepreneurial innovations and support the development of the local agri-food ecosystem.

EIT Food RIS Fellowships Action Line is divided into two complementary programs:

  • RIS Fellowships, dedicated to MSc students, graduates and young entrepreneurs. Beneficiaries will have the opportunity to apply academic knowledge in practical contexts of work and develop a creative problem-solving competence at KIC partner organizations to spur a weave of entrepreneurial innovations in their home countries. Candidates will be able to gain hands-on experience in the food industry, strengthening their job-related skills and competences including analytical thinking and creative problem-solving. RIS Fellowships interns will be engaged in learning-by-doing activities at their host company - these could be internal projects or day-to-day tasks of each host partner. APPLY HERE
  • RIS Talents, dedicated to doctoral students and young post-docs. Applicants will benefit from lessons learned in R&D works and they will also be encouraged to engage in industrial collaboration or entrepreneurship during their internship. RIS Talents interns will have an opportunity to develop critical thinking competence by participating in innovation projects, R&D projects led by EIT Food partner organisations or Horizon Europe projects. APPLY HERE

Benefits of the internship

  • Precise matching candidates to the offered internship areas specified by each hosting company.
  • Gain hands-on experiences solving real work problematic situations of the organizations.
  • Develop your competences such as creative problem solving and critical thinking
  • Get 1,350€ (Fellowships) – 1,800€ (Talents) gross grant/month for support your expenses.
  • Get mentorship of a high-profile expert in their field.
  • Know and learn about other ways of working and discuss from a different point of view.
  • Improve your Curriculum Vitae and get contacts and opportunities that will open up doors for your professional life.
  • Enrich yourself knowing another country and getting involved in its culture.
  • Benefit from greater international exposure of students and researchers from EIT Regional Innovation Scheme regions.

Who is eligible?

Candidates come from one of the EIT RIS countries or regions*

  • Have an interest in the agri-food sector.
  • Have a proactive attitude and be passionate about student extracurricular activities.
  • Have analytical skills, be open-minded, goal-oriented and team player.
  • Be able to work in English.
  • Be available during the period from July until December 2021.

* Detailed list of EIT RIS countries available HERE.

Timing and Process

  • STEP 01 > Fill out the RIS Fellowships application form (MSc) or RIS Talents application form (PhD) and upload 1-minute self-video. (MARCH/mid-APRIL)
  • STEP 02 > Participate in the online workshop (Just for RIS Fellowships candidates). If you have been selected we will contact you to take part in one of several recruitment workshops. Challenge yourself by solving group case-study and taking paper-pencil tests. (late-APRIL/mid-MAY)
  • STEP 03 > Present yourself during online interviews. If you meet the selection criteria, you will be invited to interviews with host organizations. Check the final list of interns on the project website  (late-MAY/mid-JUNE)
  • STEP 04 > Enjoy your internship! (JULY-DECEMBER)

Application lasts from 1st MARCH to 19th APRIL, 2021!

More info and apply form:

Past editions

Impressions from RIS Fellowships 2020


The following partners are involved in the project

University of Warsaw
NapiFeryn BioTech

Project Lead

Martyna Czerniakowka

University of Warsaw


Action Line Leader

Contact details

Iga Bałauszko

University of Warsaw


Communication and recruitment specialist

Contact details

Marta Krebs

University of Warsaw


Administration and Logistics Specialist

Contact details

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