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Agricolus  is  a  startup  that  develops  solutions  for  Smart   Farming.   The   mission   is   support   farms   in   simplifying   and   enhancing   the   work   on   field   by   using   innovative   technologies   of   data   collection   and  analysis.  The  core  of  the  company  is  a  cloud  platform  composed  of  several  applications:  forecast  models,   remote   sensing,   crop   scouting,   Decision   Support  Systems.  Agricolus  spreads  Agtech  culture  by promoting an Academy addressed to farmers and professionals.

Competences & Capabilities

Main    areas    of    specialisation    and    technological    expertise are:

  • Remote sensing (satellite and drone)
  • Crop scouting
  • Forecast   models   (phenology,   crop   water   and   nutritional requirements, risk of pest and disease)
  • Decision Support System for irrigation, fertilisation and defence (DSS)
  • Multi-spectral indices

Agricolus   has   a   multidisciplinary   team   consisting   of  agronomists  and  developers,  Data  Analyst,  GIS  experts.

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