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Mapping of Soil Organic Matter (MOSOM)

Assessing and tracking changes in soil quality remotely


The MOSOM (Mapping of Soil Organic Matter) project aims to develop an accurate, efficient and convenient tool for remote assessment of organic matter within soil.   

Organic matter is recognised as an important indicator of soil structure and quality, of ecological balance and stability of the biosphere. The ability to assess and track changes in soil organic matter is therefore of great value for agricultural stakeholders.  

The project will use a range of Earth Observation techniques with a unique AI-based analysis architecture to assess organic matter within soil remotely. The project partners involved will seek to apply the technology widely in order to increase sustainable agriculture and promote efficient resource stewardship across Europe. 

Project lead

Radin, MR. (Dmitrij)

Radin, MR. (Dmitrij)

Activity Leader

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