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Towards net zero carbon livestock farming (C-NEUTRAL FARMING)

Reducing the environmental footprint of livestock farming


C-NEUTRAL FARMING aims to create co-create a technological solution with farmers and agri-food businesses to help mitigate environmental footprint.  

Europe is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to reach a net zero target by 2050. The pathway to net zero emissions will require deep emission cuts across all sectors including agriculture. The precise consequences for the livestock sector have yet to be determined, however the pathway to net zero emissions will have implications for productivity, environmental impact and land use.  

The C-NEUTRAL FARMING project will develop a decision support tool which will measure and help mitigate environmental footprint. The tool will be cost effective, easily adopted at farm level and enable a reduction in net GHG emissions from livestock. This future farming technology will make livestock farming more sustainable and have a transformational impact on livestock systems. 


Project lead

Scollan, NS (Nigel )
Scollan, NS (Nigel )

Activity Leader

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