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From Leaf to Root – Holistic Use of Vegetables

Many vegetables including sweet corn, artichokes, potato and cabbage (e.g. Brussels sprouts) are not holistically used in food production although they are safe to consume (without or with further processing). In some cases, more than 50% of the nutritional valuable material is left in the fields or not further valorized.


This is due to several reasons including harvesting procedures having been designed for conventional products, consumer unawareness, and a lack of holistic product concepts. The idea of “From Leaf to Root” is that students will tackle these challenges by developing prototypes based on plant parts that are to date not or only very infrequently utilized, thereby promoting both a more sustainable use of resources and healthier nutrition. The multidisciplinary teams will work collaboratively with mentors from academia and industry on feasible food solutions (+ business case) while gaining a better understanding of the primary production sector.


Project lead

Myriam Loeffler
Myriam Loeffler

Project Lead

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