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University of Hohenheim


The University of Hohenheim is the leading University in agricultural research and food sciences in Germany, and is ranked #6 in Europe. With its three faculties; colleges of agriculture, natural science and social and economic sciences, the university is able to address holistically most aspects of the food system. It has extensive experiment stations with associated acreages that make it possible to carry out field research. The University maintains an international network with numerous partners and has a strong foothold in Africa and Emerging Countries. 

Competences & Capabilities

The University of Hohenheim with about 10.000 students, 2100 staff members, 1000 Ph.Ds and 120 professors is divided into three faculties: 

  • The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
  • The Faculty of Natural Sciences
  • The  Faculty  of  Business,  Economics  and  Social  Sciences

The University carries out interdisciplinary teaching and extensive state-of-the-art research, finding solutions for key global challenges like transforming the economy to a biobased one, addressing resource shortages and environmental challenges taking social and economic aspects into account. Being located in the capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg it has strong links to local businesses and governmental organisations.

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