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CHAMPP: Contemporary challenges and issues of the poultry production sector

The aim of the SME workshops is to identify contemporary challenges and solutions in the poultry industry dedicated to feed manufacturers, advisors, farmers and employees in poultry factories, as well as managers responsible for the strategy and profitability of fodder and poultry production, all from RIS-eligible regions.


There is a need to highlight at the national and international level current challenges in this sector by providing support to SMEs through knowledge transfer in e.g. improvement of competitiveness, building a trend-driven culture, creation of high quality products adjusted to consumer needs, promoting health-oriented products and encouraging to use of available local resources. The qualified specialists from Germany, Poland, Italy, United Kingdom and the Netherlands will be invited to share knowledge during SME workshops, which will be held in RIS regions of Poland, Lithuania, Italy and Hungary.


Project lead

Joanna Fotschki Pic
Joanna Fotschki