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Jessica Nieto (El Mundo) and Yolanda Veiga (El Correo), winners of the 4th EIT Food Journalism Awards in Spain

20 Dec 2022
EIT Food South

This past Thursday, December the 15th, EIT Food awarded El Mundo journalist Jessica Nieto with the first prize at the fourth edition of the Journalism Award in AgriFood Innovation and Sustainability in Spain, thanks to her report entitled 'Insects, laboratory meat, algae... this is what the food of the future will be like'. Second place went to Yolanda Veiga, head of the Vivir section of El Correo, for an article on 'Los gemelos de los 'superalimentos' (The twins of superfoods).

Jessica Nieto's work, published on 24 April and awarded with 1.500 euros, is based on the fact that "the increase in the world's population and the need to reduce emissions of polluting gases are forcing us to change the way we feed ourselves in favour of a diet based mainly on the consumption of vegetables. Technology and innovation will be key to this transformation, which will also have positive effects on our health.

The jury praised "the fantastic documentation work", based on a wide range of sources, as well as the supporting illustration by Gabriel Sanz. It also took into account that the report "is very well structured and didactic" for any reader.

The second prize of 700 euros went to Yolanda Veiga, head of the Vivir section of El Correo. She won the prize thanks to an article that talks about seven alternatives that are just as nutritious as the so-called 'superfoods', and much cheaper. As an example, "a kilo of Goji berries costs 15 euros, but carrots and plums provide the same benefits". The work is based on the conclusions of research by Jara Pérez Jiménez, a scientist at the Institute of Food Science and Technology and Nutrition (ICTAN-CSIC).

In her case, the jury emphasised that "it is well documented, with a good infographic, and she has been able to translate and disseminate a scientific work correctly". It also highlighted the relationship "with the environment and with zero-kilometre products, offering consumption alternatives".

The jury for this fourth edition of the EIT Food Journalism Award was made up of Begoña Pérez-Villarreal, general director for Southern Europe of EIT Food; Victoria Moreno, deputy vice-president of Scientific-Technical Areas of the CSIC; Lourdes Zuriaga, deputy vice-president of Scientific-Technical Areas of the CSIC; Lourdes Zuriaga, vice-president of the APAE (Spanish Association of Agri-Food Journalists); Gemma Teso, professor at the Faculty of Information Sciences of the Complutense University and coordinator of the Climate Change Communication Observatory; and Rubén Ortega, television reporter and winner in 2021.

These awards, launched in 2019, have the objetive of recognizing the work that media does in educating and promoting healthy and sustainable values related to food within the society. Apart from Spain, they're also celebrated in Portugal and Italy.

Finalists in a year of a "high level".

The jury wanted to highlight not only the quality of the two award winners, but also the "high general level" of the candidatures presented this year. In total, 60 nominations were received from journalists from specialised and general media, both print and digital, radio and television.

Among the entries submitted, the jury wanted to highlight those signed by Ángel Fueyo (La Sexa), Miguel Ángel Medina (El País), Daniel Méndez (XL Semanal), Ana Palacios (El País) and Michele Catanzaro (El Periódico).

The aim of EIT Food with this call is to encourage the work of media professionals in their work to disseminate the values associated with the field of agri-food, as well as to increase consumer confidence, create healthier food options, improve food sustainability and educate to participate, innovate and move forward.

Regenerative agriculture, water scarcity and personalised nutrition

The awards ceremony, held at Gan Vía Hub in Madrid in hybrid format (face-to-face-online), was preceded by talks to learn more about three topics in which EIT Food works closely: innovative initiatives on water scarcity (by the expert María Jesús Blanco), regenerative agriculture (with a presentation by the winemaker Víctor Negro) and female entrepreneurship (with a talk by Lara Rodríguez, from EIT Food).

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