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EIT Food Italian Hub held successfully a workshop for students in the University of Bari

The students successfully passed the final evaluation and were awarded certificates, compliting the programme, with the coordination of Barbara de Ruggieri, Project Leader at EIT Food Hub Italy.

17 Oct 2023
EIT Food South

The main purpose of this innovative workshop, taught from the 22nd of May to 20th of June and composed of 8 session, was to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to identify promising business ideas and develop strategic activities.

Drawing participants from diverse academic backgrounds such as economics, agricultural science, pharmacy, philosophy, cultural heritage, and linguistic studies, the program fostered a unique collaborative environment.

The journey began with specific sessions dedicated to various facets of entrepreneurship, including networking, cooperative learning, self-assessment, innovative management, marketing, human resources management, ethics, and sustainability.

Additionally, students were exposed to the critical relationship between research and industry, as well as the intricacies of financing startup and spinoff ventures.

Following this foundational training, students were grouped together, transcending their academic backgrounds, to work on cultivating creativity and honing their business ideas.

They meticulously developed business model canvases and, under the guidance of their mentors, prepared persuasive pitches.

The climax of the programme ended with the students presenting their innovative business ideas in front of a high-level jury on the last day. This not only served as an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge they had acquired but also demonstrated their newfound ability to tackle real-world challenges in the agrifood sector.

In conclusion, all participating students demonstrated remarkable dedication and growth throughout the workshop. They successfully passed the final evaluation and were awarded certificates, compliting the programme. They gained a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship and the skills to implement strategic business activities.

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