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Circular Food Generator Track

Food Generator Track is a competition which challenges Master or PhD students of 3 Universities to develop new, innovative solutions for and from food losses of production facilities and retail activities.


The proposed waste streams are bread, bananas and potatoes, which still have significant potential for use within the context of innovative food solutions. Multi-disciplinary teams of 6 students will tackle these problems. Each group will be challenged to create new business cases for each of the food waste streams, with high commercial potential. They will be supported throughout by experts from the food industry, retail and university who will act as advisors to ensure valid and realistic “solutions” are developed. The teams have approximately 10 months to work on their cases. During this period there will be several intermediate meetings, workshops and evaluations with the groups. The Food Generator Track ends with a competition between the participating teams.


Project lead

Carlier, VC (Veerle)
Carlier, VC (Veerle)

Activity Leader