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The German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL) is a private, independent and non-profit research provider. With around 150 member companies from the food industry and related fields, DIL operates as a research institute working in the areas of product development, process development and analytics.

DIL considers placing itself into the innovation framework of EIT Food as the unique opportunity to support its partners in the innovation process and to establish new collaborations along the entire food value chain system.

Competences & Capabilities

DIL fosters knowledge transfer from research into industry:

  • Process  development:  design,  construction  and  manufacturing of machinery
  • Novel     process     technologies:     Pulsed     Light,     Pulsed  Electric  Fields,  High  Pressure  Processing,  Extrusion, shock wave, 3D-prining, robotics
  • Processing     of     alternative     proteins,     meat,     chocolate and dairy products
  • Biotechnology
  • Trainings  for  professionals:  quality  management,  manufacturing of feed, food extrusion, PEF school
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Consumer Science
  • Innovation Centre
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