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From side streams to tasty meat alternatives and hybrids (TASTE2MEAT)

Using new alternative proteins ingredients to produce high quality meat alternatives


TASTE2MEAT aims to identify and assess new alternative protein ingredients from underutilised plant sources, such as legumes and oil seed press-cakes. We will develop efficient approaches for processing and integrating new alternative protein ingredients into high quality meat alternatives.  

Our access to nutritious, safe and affordable food is being threatened by climate change, natural resource scarcity and a rapidly increasing global population. In order to combat these challenges, we need to move towards a more plant-based food system. As part of this, there is huge potential in the development of appealing meat product alternatives.   

The TASTE2MEAT project will develop knowledge-based strategies for high sensory quality meat alternatives by specifically focusing on flavour and structure. Since consumer acceptance of a new food product dictates its market success, we will place great emphasis on understanding consumer needs and preferences, involving consumers in the co-creation of solutions. 


Project lead

Sozer, NS (Nesli)

Sozer, NS (Nesli)

Activity Leader

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