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VALOCAKE, Valorization of rapeseed press cake as multi-functional food ingredients and tasty food

It is a global challenge to ensure sufficient food to feed future generations while utilizing natural resources in a sustainable manner.


Protein is perhaps the most challenging macronutrient when it comes to sustainable production. Currently, animal-origin products are still the main protein and food ingredient sources. Unfortunately, the livestock industry is one of the most significant contributors to the acute environmental problems such as global warming, land degradation, air and water pollution and loss of biodiversity, thus requires a step change.

Efficient use of raw materials occupies an important role in the transition towards a sustainable bioeconomy. In particular, the utilisation of side streams (or byproducts) generated in the agriculture and food chain as food and other valuable commodities is essential. VALOCAKE focuses on valorization of rapeseed press cake, a byproduct of oil pressing industry, into functional food ingredients and food products. Rapeseed press cake has the potential to be a sustainable source of valuable proteins, dietary fibre, and bioactive compounds for human nutrition once the challenges related to anti-nutritional compounds and off flavor are solved and technological quality diversified.

VALOCAKE will adopt clean processes such as fermentation, to upgrade the rapeseed press cake-derived protein and protein-fibre powders into functional food ingredients and tasty food products in bakery, patisserie and meat substitutes categories.

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Sozer, NS (Nesli)
Sozer, NS (Nesli)

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