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NapiFeryn      BioTech      developed      and      patented      technology  to  obtain  food  grade  proteins  from  the  material  left  over  after  pressing  oil  from  rapeseed.  The  rapeseed  proteins  generated  in  our  technology  have  unique  functional  properties  which  make  them  an ideal food ingredient. Technology has been proven on pilot scale – we generate pre-commercial samples that  we  offer  to  food  producers.  The  technology  package   will   be   disseminated   through   licensing   agreements.

Competences & Capabilities

Main areas of specialisation and technological expertise are:

  • Novel technologies for extraction, purification and isolation of proteins from oilseeds such as rapeseed, sunflower, soybeans etc.
  • All aspects of processing of source material to final protein products, including scale-up and technology transfer
  • Analytical tools for complex characterization of protein isolates and protein concentrates
  • Innovative food products containing protein derived from rapeseed and other oilseeds
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