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The FutureKitchen Virtual Reality and EatingHealthy Video Infotainment Series 2020

Creative infotaining is the future of knowledge transfer and co-creation among young generations.


The FutureKitchen infotainment series, launched on FoodUnfolded in 2019, sets out in 2020 to further encourage a connection to our food systems and increased consumer trust.

Infotainment inspires to learn 

The project engages especially young generations in a conversation about food tech by making them (for example via Virtual Reality videos), an on-site viewer of how food science, technology and innovation can advance sustainability. They can learn about the food journey from farm/marine to fork, eating healthy, cooking and food sector innovations that will shape the future of our food. The videos aim to make them curious, reflect on our food systems or even consider careers in food tech.

Developing innovative food stories

In 2020, the series will not only show future kitchen devices (such as 3D food printing and personalized baking systems) but will incorporate other RisingFoodStars (RFSs), emphasising health and nutrition, robotics, personalised diets, food mindfulness, alternative foods and proteins and food processing. 

All videos are developed in a co-creation process, together with academia, start-ups, and industry partners to create honest and impactful food stories.

“The knowledge and awareness that I got from the video will help me to understand where food comes from and how to take more mindful decisions” - Participant, YFood 2019, London

Reading Town Meal, September 2019

Reading Town Meal, September 2019

Project lead

Justine Vanhalst
Justine Vanhalst

Project Leader

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