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Essento is the European pioneer for delicious, protein-rich and ecologically worthwhile insect food products. We develop, produce in-house and market our food innovations, like insect snacks, insect protein bars or insect burgers, for retail, food service and online sales.

Our vision is to create a circular food system: we feed insects for human consumption with side streams of tagriculture and the insect's waste goes back to agriculture as a fertilizer.

Our mission is to drive the food revolution by rising public awareness for insect food to create a valuable benefit for society, our health and our planet.

Competences & Capabilities

  • In-house product development team
  • In-house production facility
  • R&D team
  • Know-how   across   entire   value   chain   (sales   &   marketing,    primary    &    secondary    production,    product development and supply chain)
  • More   than   2   years   of   successful   operations   gaining market insights
  • Established distribution network
  • Regular  keynote  speeches  &  lectures  on  future  food, edible insects & entrepreneurship
  • Strong collaboration with universities
  • Main driver of regulatory change in Switzerland
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