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EUFIC   is   a   non-profit   organisation   that   provides   engaging  science-based  information  to  inspire  and  empower  healthier  and  more  sustainable  food  and  lifestyle choices. As a group of passionate science and communication experts, we believe in a world where people  choose  to  live  healthily  because  they  know  how to.

We bring food facts for healthy choices since 1995.

Competences & Capabilities

  • We   give   impartial   information   with   a   credible   voice.
  • We cover diverse and controversial topics with our outreach campaigns.
  • We  reach  10  million  people  through  our  website  every year.
  • We have over 50,000 online subscribers.
  • We  have  over  80,000  followers  across  our  social  media communities.
  • We talk to people in 6 languages.
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