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RIS PD - Regional Innovation Scheme Professional Development
RIS PD - Regional Innovation Scheme Professional Development

RIS PD - Regional Innovation Scheme Professional Development

​RIS Professional Development

The RIS PD (Regional Innovation Scheme Professional Development) is a multidimensional educational program run by EIT Food, created to up-skill as well as to re-skill the farmers, SMEs employees, and young professionals, considered to be the game changers of the food sector in their regions. 

The main purpose of this program is to invite career progressors from the agri-food world, men and equally treated women, to turn their innovative ideas into action, to become entrepreneurs in their business and lead sustainability challenges in their geographical areas.

Fully integrated and interactive workshops are designed to provide participants with mainstream tools, best real-time NPD techniques and management practices from the extended network of EIT Food partner companies and Rising Food Stars. 

Not to miss, the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge in a computer-simulated environment and to dive into innovative farming techniques, always in the frame of the agriculture digitalization ambitious project.

NPD - Skills for New Products Development in the Food industry

The development process of a new product, since its inspiration and conception, to its planning, function and launching in the market, is critical for the success and sustainability for every business and industry, including the food industry. 

Pioneers, aspiring entrepreneurs and active players of the food world are invited to join Experts from academia, industry and research institutes, in an effort to build skills and expertise in the development of new products in the food market. Simulation-based trainings with real case studies, hands-on sessions about tools and techniques used for NPD, decision-making tasks and virtual company tours, are scheduled to up-skill and help emerge the future food innovators.

Workshops open for 28 RIS countries

NPD Website Apply NOW!
University of Warsaw
Agnieszka Czuprynska Task Leader
Institution University of Warsaw

SUDAPS - Support for Dairy Production Sector

People actively involved in the Dairy sector, like farmers, feed manufacturers, SME’s employees, managers and consultants, are called to interact and get expertise, to develop their innovative ideas, improving their profitability and working together towards the sustainability of the milk production. 

Through personalized workshops all participants will deal with strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the dairy sector, making important use of the valuable results from ad hoc surveys conducted throughout Europe. 

Workshops open for Greece, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain 

Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research
Marek Bogacki Task Leader
Institution Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research

GROW “non standard” crops herbs and plant cultivations

Farmers, small entrepreneurs, as well as advanced university students, coming from rural areas of Europe, are invited to join highly professional expert seminars. They are challenged to revitalize the cultivation of ancient, almost vanished varieties of cereals, medicinal plants and aromatic herbs. 

Agriculture comes into the digital era, through innovative tools and techniques, treated in workshops and then applied on fields. All participants will reinforce their skills, following the global wave to a healthier lifestyle and a more conscious-full food culture.

Workshops open for Italy, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia 

Growing Consciousness Website
University of Turin
Laura Bonato Task Leader
Institution University of Turin

WE LEAD FOOD – Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership in Food

WE Lead Food 2021 is a professional development programme for women leaders, aimed primarily at engaging, educating and equipping the leaders of the food system to enable them to lead entrepreneurially to challenge current practices and deliver a sustainable, diverse and equitable food sector. 

The programme also aims to connect women leaders across the sector and fuel their entrepreneurial leadership mindset for the development of regional innovation ecosystems and contributing to building entrepreneurial cultures within existing companies, academic and research institutions, public offices or starting new, innovation-driven businesses across Europe.

Workshops open for Europe 

We Lead Website APPLY NOW!
University of Cambridge
Shima Barakat Task Leader
Institution University of Cambridge

The recruitment for the online workshop "EIT Food NPD Skills" is underway!

Are you a food professional looking for the opportunity to take your NPD skills to the new level? If so, our event is made for you! Become one of the 50 participants of our event, turn your ideas into action and become a NPD expert!

Five-day workshops will be full of interactive lectures with up-to-date knowledge and practical information, project assignments and computer-based simulations!

Don’t wait. Apply now!

Application deadline: 17th of August 2021

Date of the workshop: 13 - 17 September 2021

WE Lead program is now accepting applications!

Do you now that only 9% of women are employed in the upper levels in the food sector?

Some of the key reasons are as follow:

- Less women then men feel that entrepreneurial leadership is for them
- Lack of manager support
- Significant systemic commitment to gender and diversity matters within organisations
- Explicit and implicit signalling about privileged leadership stereotypes
- Ineffective, or worse, undermining communications about gender matters

WE Lead is addressing all of these issues during the programme and equiping participants with insights and tools to navigate exiting and future food organisations as well as drive change within them. 

If you identify yourself in the following categories, you are eligible to apply:

  • Those who identify as women
  • Have a passion and commitment to drive the transformation a more sustainable food system 
  • Currently in, or have been in, a leadership position in the food system
  • All discipline backgrounds welcome
  • Research, Business, Policy, Civil Society members welcome

Deadline for application: 31st of August 2021

Apply now.

Growing Consciousness workshop dates are available

Are you interested to fill the existing know-how gap (at technical, business and logistic level) between mainstream agricultural entrepreneurship and rural areas agriculture? 

Several online workshops are planned in different RIS regions (in local language) to help farmers and interested professionals to leverage their knowledge in sustainable innovative farming techniques, as well as on innovative tools and machinery for agriculture digitalization and production yield increase.

GREECE: OCTOBER 4-7, 2021 (date to be defined)




POLAND: NOVEMBER 18-19, 2021

Please stay in touch for more infos about the registration to the workshops!


University of Warsaw
University of Turin
University of Cambridge

Project Lead

Luca Cocolin

University of Turin

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