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The development process of a new product, since its inspiration and conception, to its planning, function and launching in the market, is critical for the success and sustainability for every business and industry, including the food industry.

Pioneers, aspiring entrepreneurs and active players of the food world are invited to join Experts from academia, industry and research institutes, in an effort to build skills and expertise in the development of new products in the food market. Simulation-based trainings with real case studies, hands-on sessions about tools and techniques used for NPD, decision-making tasks and virtual company tours, are scheduled to up-skill and help emerge the future food innovators.

Why should you join NPD Skills?

The NPD Skills workshop is a unique opportunity to learn through experience, meet professionals working in the food industry and expand knowledge in the field of new product development!

The reasons to join NPD Skills

  • Develop your NPD skills by learning through experience!
  • Find out how COVID-19 has impacted new product development in the food industry!
  • Learn how to create and execute NPD projects by understanding the market and consumer needs!
  • Apply sensory analysis in the process of food design!
  • Experience in real time the processing of food products using innovative methods!
  • Discover how to handle competing project requirements and constraints!
  • Learn from successful and unsuccessful product development case studies!
  • Team up with professionals from RIS countries and identify how to meet the needs of food sector customers!
  • Network and share your experiences with directors, managers, researchers, scientists and other experts working in the agri-food industry!
  • Present research results and NPD-related ideas during the workshop knowledge sharing session!
  • Get a professional training certificate!
  • Gain new knowledge on NPD in the food industry, apply it in practice and make the difference!
  • Become an expert in New Product Development!

Project lead

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Magdalena Marczewska

Project Lead (Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw)

Kaczorowska Agnieszka
Agnieszka Czuprynska

Project Coordinator

Aneta Rzeszut-Pawlak

Project Team Member