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We  are  the  leading  supplier  of  Pulsed  Electric  Field  (PEF)  systems  to  the  food,  beverage  and  scientific  sector  worldwide.  We  design,  build  and  install  PEF  equipment  suitable  for  a  wide  range  of  applications  and outputs.

Elea attaches importance to develop new possibilities of PEF-treatment in the food and beverage industry. We also generate applications in non-food areas.

Competences & Capabilities

One  of  the  main  emphasis  of  our  work  is  located  in   Research   and   Development.   Elea   offers   their   customers  the  possibility  to  test  the  PEF  equipment  in a well equipped pilot hall. Different systems as well as equipment for analysis are available. The purpose of all trials is a successful demonstration of PEF with regards to a possible scale up on industrial standards.Since our foundation in 2012, we already have retailed over 125 PEF-systems worldwide.

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