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EIT Food Ambassadors Programme: Influencer marketing for EIT Food

FoodAmbassadors is a project that aims to engage food and health Influencers in order to co-create science-based content for their community.


Launching a new sustainable product doesn’t necessarily create new consumer eating habits. So, how do we encourage uptake of new products, technologies, or ideas? In an era where celebrities and social media play an increasingly important role, consumers tend to trust and listen to people they admire rather than traditional impersonal institutions. EIT Food Ambassadors are informed social media Influencers who are sharing insights into the future of food amongst their community. Ultimately this is increasing consumer trust in the food chain by promoting healthier and sustainable diets, as well as encouraging discussion about food and innovation.

Upcoming events:

EatingtheGap – Future proof your kitchen
16 November 2020

EatingtheGap Zürich- Upcycled Industry
10 December 2020
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Project lead

Davide Carrino Pic

Davide Carrino


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