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In an era where celebrities and social media play an increasingly important role, consumers tend to trust and listen to people they admire rather than traditional institutions. Social media Influencers are recognised as trusted peers rather than as business owners by their followers.

As a consequence, many Influencers are aware of the responsibilities that come with the reach of their public platforms and the trust of their followers. The FoodAmbassadors are a selected group of social media Influencers that share EIT Food’s values and want to inform and educate their followers with science-based information.

The project aims to help the Influencers create valuable evidence-based content for their followers and educate the Influencers themselves about new developments in the food sector, to make the food system future proof.

At the #EatingTheGap events, social media Influencers have the opportunity to engage with actors from all sectors of the food chain, exchanging ideas and solutions to improve the sustainability of the food we produce and eat.

Ultimately, the project aims to increase consumer trust in the food chain by promoting healthier diets, as well as encouraging discussion about food and innovation, through the vast reach of the Influencers involved.

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EIT Food Ambassadors Programme: Influencer marketing for EIT Food