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Increasing consumer trust and support for the food supply chain and for food companies
Increasing consumer trust and support for the food supply chain and for food companies

Increasing consumer trust and support for the food supply chain and for food companies

Co-creating initiatives to increase consumer trust in food


EIT Food Consumer Trust Grand Challenge

The concept
  • all actors across the food value chain working together to co-create initiatives that increase consumer trust in food
  • engagement with consumers, food companies and other stakeholders (such as industry bodies, non-governmental organisations, regulatory authorities, policy makers and the media) across five countries in Europe and Israel

The platform 

The project will provide a platform for dialogue to enable consumers to voice their needs and concerns regarding trust in the food they eat, and in companies and others involved in the provision of food. The platform will enable consumers and food industry representatives to directly debate important issues related to trust in food and to co-design a series of initiatives which will both increase consumers' trust in food and their support for the companies and organisations involved.  

Co-designing trust initiatives 

Insights gained from the project will be communicated widely, and successful initiatives will be publicised and implemented. Importantly, consumers will drive the project at each stage from voicing their needs, to the co-design of initiatives and evaluation of their success. 


In collaboration with 

Read the FoodUnfolded article Why Trust In Our Food System Matters (15 Sept 2021)

Join our Taste The Trust community

Join the group

The Taste The Trust Facebook group is a safe community to share ideas and information about our trust in the food we eat and the food supply chain.

We have various posts, activities, and topics to stimulate discussion. As well as collaborations with food companies and organisations to help influence suppliers to increase our trust in them and their food.

The group is linked to which shares unbiased information on the latest food and agricultural innovations, as well as the most relevant food topics of today.

In the media


our food supply chain has proved its resilience and robustness through these very difficult times

BBC Radio Berkshire: Interview Prof. Richard Bennett

Consumer trust in the food supply chain, as a result of people's experiences during COVID-19, has increased in 2021 especially in relation to trust in restaurants and caterers.

EFA news: Caterers and restaurants see boost after pandemic

Why does trust in our #foodsystems matter?

@EFSA_EU Twitter: Trust in our Food System video (retweet)


Generally speaking, consumers in the 6 countries say they have greater confidence in farmers / breeders, especially small, local and independent producers.

EFA news: Trust in the food chain, according to the "Eit Food" project

Consumers are telling us that key aspects of that trust come from an ethical approach.

FarminguK: Public trust in British farming sees boost during pandemic

The global pandemic has been a turbulent time for the food industry, but these results demonstrate that different businesses and individuals involved approach 2020 having gained more public trust than when we started.

Fresh Plaza: Food retailers winning trust through pandemic

A significant number of consumers who participated in the study called for conscious consumption, which takes into account, for example, the welfare of farm animals, the treatment of workers and the environmental impact.

Finnish Food Industry magazine: Kehittyvä Elintarvike

Delphi study outcomes

Did you know that people trust farmers the most?

Over the last year, we have been asking people about their trust in the food supply chain not only in the UK but also in other European countries (Finland, Israel, Italy, Poland and Spain) – involving some 2,360 people. Consumers most trust farmers, followed by food retailers with lower levels of trust in food manufacturers, restaurants and catering services. Trust in farmers and food retailers has increased slightly overall since COVID.

We explored what drives consumer trust. Areas that are important for increasing consumers' trust are:  

  • Farmers: High standards of animal welfare
  • Food retailers: Local produce, good price transparency and tackling waste
  • Food manufacturers: Good transparency and honest and accurate labelling
  • Restaurants and caterers: Fair and transparent prices

How can we increase trust together?

We are now exploring possible new initiatives to increase consumer trust in the food system that food companies and organizations can adopt. In a future post, we will be asking your opinion as to what you think about specific initiatives so that together we can influence what food organisations do to gain our trust.

Other EIT Food projects on Consumer Trust

Our project links to other EIT Food projects in the area of consumer trust such as: 


University of Reading
Grupo AN S.Coop
Strauss Group
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
University of Helsinki
University of Turin
University of Warsaw
VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland

Project Lead

Richard Bennett

University of Reading


Activity Leader

Contact details

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