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Increasing consumer trust and support for the food supply chain and for food companies

Co-creating initiatives to increase consumer trust in food


EIT Food Consumer Trust Grand Challenge

The concept

  • all actors across the food value chain working together to co-create initiatives that increase consumer trust in food
  • engagement with consumers, food companies and other stakeholders (such as industry bodies, non-governmental organisations, regulatory authorities, policymakers and the media) across five countries in Europe and Israel

Co-designing trust initiatives

Insights gained from the project will be communicated widely, and successful initiatives will be publicised and implemented. Importantly, consumers will drive the project at each stage from voicing their needs to the co-design of initiatives and evaluation of their success.

Co-creating with Consumer Trust projects

  • Trust Tracker®: In 2022, we're contributing to TrustTracker®'s consumer trust measuring survey.
  • Citizen Participation Forum: Together, we create a platform to enable consumers to voice their needs and concerns regarding trust in the food they eat, and in companies and others involved in the provision of food. The platform enables consumers and food industry representatives to directly debate important issues related to trust in food. Furthermore, will it enable to co-design a series of initiatives that will both increase consumers' trust in food and their support for the companies and organisations involved.

In collaboration with

In the context of the Consumer Trust Grand Challenge project, FoodUnfolded published the article Why Trust In Our Food System Matters (15 Sept 2021).

Project lead

Richard Bennett

Richard Bennett

Activity Leader