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Increasing consumer trust and support for the food supply chain and for food companies in the media.

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In 2022

  1. Henley Herald - Little Hearts Preschool Reap Food Rewards Thanks to Grant
  2. Nws.Report - Develop social awareness, reduce waste [Hebrew]
  3. Diario de Navarra - The AN Group presents nest boxes, virtual reality, and an interpretation of the "Fruit in route" tale in the Expofamily [Spanish]

In 2021

  1. BBC Radio Berkshire Interview by Prof. Richard Bennett - "Our food supply chain has proved its resilience and robustness through these very difficult times."
  2. EFA NEWS: CATERERS AND RESTAURANTS SEE BOOST AFTER PANDEMIC - Consumer trust in the food supply chain, as a result of people's experiences during COVID-19, has increased in 2021 especially in relation to trust in restaurants and caterers.
  3. @EFSA_EU TWITTER: TRUST IN OUR FOOD SYSTEM VIDEO (RETWEET) - Why does trust in our #foodsystems matter?
  4. @SciFoodHealth TWITTER - @EITFood Annual Partner Event & Food Venture Summit in Malaga

In 2020

  1. FARMINGUK: PUBLIC TRUST IN BRITISH FARMING SEES BOOST DURING PANDEMIC - Consumers are telling us that key aspects of that trust come from an ethical approach.
  2. FRESH PLAZA: FOOD RETAILERS WINNING TRUST THROUGH PANDEMIC - The global pandemic has been a turbulent time for the food industry, but these results demonstrate that different businesses and individuals involved approach 2020 having gained more public trust than when we started.
  3. EFA NEWS: TRUST IN THE FOOD CHAIN, ACCORDING TO THE "EIT FOOD" PROJECT- Generally speaking, consumers in the 6 countries say they have greater confidence in farmers/breeders, especially small, local and independent producers.
  4. FINNISH FOOD INDUSTRY MAGAZINE: KEHITTYVÄ ELINTARVIKE - A significant number of consumers who participated in the study called for conscious consumption, which takes into account, for example, the welfare of farm animals, the treatment of workers and the environmental impact.

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