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EATrends & food fashion week

EATrends and food fashion week is raising awareness of the key trends that are shaping food innovation today, and empowering people to influence the way they eat.


Events will take place in Spain and Belgium during 2019, engaging members of the public in food trends and innovations, enabling them to have a leading role and become real influencers. These events will stimulate dialogue, awareness and education on the main concepts behind trends: including trust and transparency, sustainability, health and wellbeing. A 'trends parade' where pop-up showrooms will encourage people to contribute to participatory trend research, as well as give them the opportunity to “touch, feel and taste” innovation will create an engaged European community of “food spotters” helping to identify the EATrends that will shape the future of food. The outcomes from his project will enable us to gain new insights into trends, enabling measurement of them and their impacts. 


Project lead

Sonia Riesco Pic

Sonia Riesco


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