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Alberts  makes  healthy  food  accessible  to  anyone,  anywhere, at any time. The Alberts Smoothie Station combines  robotics  and  AI,  to  prepare  personalised,  100%  natural  smoothies  on  the  spot.  Each  smoothie  contains  frozen  fruit  and  veggies,  and  only  water  is added. Our mobile app will soon be giving you food  recommendations  personalised  to  your  needs  and daily rhythm. Alberts is currently also running first  tests  with  a  Soup  Station  to  complement  the  smoothies.

Competences & Capabilities

  • Compact, flexible team with variety of commercial & technical skills
  • Specialized in robotics (Phd)
  • Personalisation of food through a combination of hardware and software
  • Strong partnerships for production and design
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