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The RisingFoodStars Association is a network organisation for successful, game-changing early agrifood scaleups, enabling its members to participate as Partners in all EIT Food activities.

The RisingFoodStars (RFS) Network allows successful, impactful agrifood scaleups to scale to the next level in becoming the international gamechangers of the future.

2021 RFS Applications

Applications are open between February 14-April 10, 2021. Please find more information about the eligibility criteria and the process here.

If you’re interested to apply, express your interest. Based on the info you provide, we invite you automatically to apply for our most fitting program.

Below you can find the catalogue of 2021 RisingFoodStars members. Check out what they are working on to innovate the food industry!



You become part of a network for max 3 years, allowing you to get:

  1. Easy access & personalised introduction to world-leading corporates, academia and research organisations.
  2. Increased visibility through accessing high-impact international agrifood and startup events.
  3. Tailored support to scale up, raise investment and tackle typical startup growing pains.
  4. Opportunities to partner in EIT Food innovation projects with a trusted network of leading global companies and partners.

How it works

  1. Matchmaking: We connect you with the right person within our partners, de-risking collaboration with potential future partners and clients
  2. Exposure: You get an exhibition spot at main EU agrifood events – and we support you financially
  3. Investor network: When seeking for investment, we initiate personal introductions to relevant investors & support you along the process
  4. Traction: We have a structured offering of market development through joint implementation of a pilot project, whereby we foresee funding and support activities  
  5. EIT Food projects: You can participate in partly funded projects where you join consortia of leading industry and academia to address the challenges of the food system – from 2nd year onwards

Meet our members

Interested to join the RisingFoodStars network?

Contact the RisingFoodStars Manager, Annick Verween.


Project Lead

Dr. Annick Verween

EIT Food


RisingFoodStars Manager

Contact details

Anne-Marie Banescu

EIT Food


RisingFoodStars Business Support Manager

Contact details

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