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Corporate Venturing

We facilitate corporate innovation by connecting world-leading industry with impactful agrifood startups. Through tailored matchmaking we can help you solve immediate challenges, lower costs, identify new product lines, and drive value creation for corporates sharing our mission to transform the global food system.

Connect and collaborate with Europe’s best agrifood startups

As a corporate partner, you’ll have access to our pipeline of startups. You tell us which key food system challenges you’re tackling, and we introduce you to selected startups that offer relevant solutions.

  1. Join a community with more than 1,000+ startups working on agrifood innovation

  2. Gain access to a curated pool of startups that meet your specific tech interests

  3. Collaborate on an equal footing

  4. Facilitate collaboration - either through one-to-one meetings or demo days

Partner with us

​​Our excellence is in building strong alliances between our world-class industry partners and our startup community to accelerate the growth of a circular agrifood economy.

Partnership success stories

Paltech Robotics

Paltech have found a solution to the labour intensive process of fighting taproot weeds for organic farmers. They received a Star Alumni award for the progress they made during our Seedbed Incubator.


FortiFruits produces natural dry fruit extracts to improve the taste of natural food. The products are chemical and sugar free, with a 50 to 100% stronger taste profile than other standard fruits extracts. They also have a much longer…


PlattenBaum operates in the Urban Agriculture sector to offer housing companies and municipalities healthy and well designed environments to grow and consume their own fresh fruit and vegetables.

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If your business is looking for access to the latest innovation in FoodTech, get in touch with us to find out more about our corporate partnerships.