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PlattenBaum operates in the Urban Agriculture sector to offer housing companies and municipalities healthy and well designed environments to grow and consume their own fresh fruit and vegetables.

What is your innovation, and who does this help?

We are creating synergy between commercial urban agriculture and community gardening. Community gardening brings people together but it doesn’t usually produce a significant yield of food. Commercial agriculture on the other hand is extremely productive but demands a lot of resources.

In our PlattenBaum system these two balance each other out and give city residents the possibility to grow their own fresh food just outside their door affordably and sustainably.

How does this help to make the food system more healthy, sustainable and trusted?

Our infrastructure provides access to healthy nutrition for all and encourages the evolution of transparent and local supply chains. It also teaches people how we can build resilient, healthy, social communities that care more for the environment.

What makes you passionate about your project or startup?

Food and nutrition should be a basic utility for all. The buildings we live in provide us heat, light and water. Yet the majority of our food is only available in supermarkets that rely on food supply chains with a huge carbon footprint that’s destroying our planet.

We are passionate about making everyone’s living environments healthy, productive and more equitable. With our system we are very excited to offer new possibilities for growing healthy food and building strong social connections.

Currently, what are your biggest challenges?

The biggest challenge we are facing now is to get a collaborator to commit to a pilot. The interest is there but the decision making process within large organisations and governments can take too long to allow us to make good progress.

How is the Seedbed Incubator programme helping you to overcome these challenges?

The Seedbed incubator is helping us to gain wider exposure to new customers and collaborators, immensely improving our chances of launching a pilot sooner.

What have been your highlights of the programme?

The highlight has been the conversations with potential clients. It was hard at the beginning to find people to talk to but with the support of the Seedbed team we have managed to secure more valuable meetings. We also have new insights on our products and have developed our business model to help us get to the next level.

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