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FortiFruits produces natural dry fruit extracts to improve the taste of natural food. The products are chemical and sugar free, with a 50 to 100% stronger taste profile than other standard fruits extracts. They also have a much longer shelf life and they don’t contain any nasty ‘e’ numbers.

Target clients include chocolate manufacturers, jelly sweet producers, non-dairy snacks, as well as porridges, muesli and cereal producers.

We can be competitive in our market because our super fruit extracts on dry fruit carriers can easily be adjusted in taste to meet the different needs of customers.

Currently, what are your biggest challenges?

Our biggest challenge is to fulfil the capacity of our super extract production. We would like to produce at least 30 tons of super extract per year and to do this we need to transfer our technology to some existing fruit extract manufacturers.

How has the Seedbed Incubator programme helped you to overcome these challenges?

The Seedbed Incubator team recommended us to some big extract producers in Europe and we are learning more about how to select a specific sector of customers and where our product can be the most competitive in the market.

Our highlights to date include attending a workshop on how to talk with potential clients and investors. We gained plenty of knowledge in this plus we were shown some useful examples and it was also good for us to learn how to negotiate using specific data.

We have also been shown how to upgrade our project to apply for venture funding, how to adjust our proposals when we receive negative feedback from clients, how to build a network to get more potential clients, and how to develop our project to achieve better results. The list is endless! All thanks to Seedbed.

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