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SCALE - RisingFoodStars

Is your Agrifood or FoodTech business embarking on the transformational scaling-up journey and looking to unlock your full potential to achieve rapid and sustainable growth?

About the RisingFoodStars programme

RisingFoodStars identifies the most promising aspiring Agrifood and FoodTech scale-ups and boosts their chances of business success. We accompany you in your scaling journey, all the way from mission crystallisation and communication, definition and implementation of strategic priorities, investment and Go-To-Market readiness, leadership skills upgrade, access to the right partners, and much more!

Why join the programme?

We offer you an all-encompassing program granting you access to everything you need to successfully shape and implement your bespoke growth journey:

  1. ScaleUp Scan: Diagnose your company´s strengths and shortcomings and identify your strategic priorities.

  2. Funding: Find the right funding opportunities through our own EIT Food Impact Fund and our network of investors.

  3. Partnership building: identify and connect with the right corporate partners to widen your market access and commercial reach.

  4. Spotlight: get privileged access to leading corporates and investors via the biggest pan-European conferences and by highlighting your success story in our media channels.


Find out more about the RisingFoodStars

Find out about the programme! Get access to all you need to design and follow your own journey to successfully scale up and become a food star of tomorrow!

Meet the RisingFoodStars of 2024!

We look forward to leveraging this opportunity to create lasting, positive change in the agrifoodtech sector. Want to find out more about the startups scaling for a better future? Read the RisingFoodStars 2024 brochure

Funding Tips

Download our latest infographic for tips on securing your Series A Funding!

Are you eligible?

RisingFoodStars are impact-driven ventures that demonstrate the desire, potential and readiness to begin the transformational journey to unlock their commercial potential and achieve rapid and sustainable growth. In other words, RisingFoodStars:

  1. Are impact-driven ventures with a potential to rapidly become real game changers, driving positive impact in one of our three missions.

  2. Are leaders with a compelling vision and the right capabilities and mindset to transform from product/service to commercial orientation.

  3. Have an innovative, unique and scalable technology validated in market conditions, combined with a healthy business model.

  4. Are ready to grow. They are at a tipping point in their journey where a delicate transformation is needed to overcome critical barriers to growth at critical times.

  • "Being A RisingFoodStar meant a tremendous push in terms of commercialisation strategy. The internalisation workshop for example made us realise that we haven't thought through our country expansion approach from the right angle."

    - Aviaja Rieman-Andersen, Co-Founder & CEO – Agrain
  • "I was blown away by the number of corporate partners that EIT Food has in its network that we can connect to. The events organised and sponsored by EIT Food are also great platforms to connect with the investor community, especially when you are fundraising."

    - Sebastian Jeschko, Co-Founder & CEO – Kern Tec
  • “Joining the RisingFoodStars network is the easiest way to be validated by the Agrifood market. We were introduced to some of the largest companies in Europe”

    - Brij Sahi, Co-Founder & CEO – SwissDeCode
  • “We have gained so many benefits from joining RisingFoodStars. From getting exposure across the European food industry to scaling our vision, and the opportunity to apply for funded projects to continue innovating”

    - Solveiga Pakštaitė, Founder and Director, Mimica


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